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Aberystwyth Observer
Saturday 22nd December 1883 page 8 column 2



A match was played on the ground of the latter on Wednesday, in the presence of a number of villagers. The visitors for the first half kicked against the wind, and the ball was kept in dangerous proximity to the home team's goal, and what seemed as an inevitable goal for the visitors was badly missed. During the second half the play was very spirited, the visitors having apparently reserved their strength for the last half during which they scored two goals, one of which was disputed by the home team, who also scored two goals. Master Danny James, a young lad of 15, played a very plucky game for the visitors, and caused no little trouble to his opponents. The following composed the visitors' team:- Forwards, E. W. Evans, David T. Jones, Thomas L. Evans, John Williams; wings, D. P. Jones, Evan Jones; half-backs, D. Pennant James, David Edwards; backs, Edward Towyn Evans, Daniel C. Davies; goal-keeper, W. R. Compton Davies. The umpires were Mr J. Thomas, chemist, Llanon, and Jenkin Davies, Aberyron [Aberayron].

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