The Club Draw, more commonly known as the "HT Draw", after Mr Hywel Thomas, an ex-player and long standing Committee Member,  who started the Draw over 20 years ago to raise money for the Club. He is a familiar sight in the streets of Aberaeron with a book of tickets in his hand!

The money raised over the years has enabled the Club to continue to provide facilities and opportunity for junior and senior players alike.

Each ticket costs £10, for 12 monthly draws, with 49% being retained by the Club and 51% being given back as prize money, therefore the more that are sold, the higher the prize money!

Tickets are on sale until the end of April, when all tickets sold will be calculated and the prizes determined. The first Draw will then take place in May and monthly thereafter until the following April.

Please support the Club by purchasing a ticket, or two by clicking on the button below.